name: travis

age: 22

from: Seattle, WA

Major: Nursing

Instagram: thewilson200

like: ice cream, music, running, sports, beer, weed, water, traveling, driving, smoking, hookah, walking, dancing, food, eating, sweets, coffee!, italian food, japenese food, chinese food, mexican food, armenian food, greek food, vintage, antique, clothes, shoes, LA, south africa, mexico, cuba, europe, cars, bentlys, mercedes & bmw, the color green, rain, money, helping people, compassion, being lazy, netflix, wearing sweats, cuddling, dressing up, hair cuts, family, the feeling of driving over a steep hill and having your stomach move, dipping my fingers in raw rice or beans, loving someone, etc

don't like: mean people, surperficial people, smoke in my eye, saliva, greed, obesity, golf, open relationships, degrading, rude people, mean little kids (little shits), perverted people, passive aggresive, poverty, animal cruelty, euthenasia, abortion, etc.

want to know more? just ask me :)



I swear the fuckin producers of the simpsons knew shit was an issue before anyone opened their eyes.

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